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#94: Adrian Brodesser - Virtual Reality: A Game-Changer for the Future

December 22, 2022 Christian Soschner Season 3 Episode 35
Beginner's Mind
#94: Adrian Brodesser - Virtual Reality: A Game-Changer for the Future
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Show Notes

Which Role do Wearables like Virtual Reality Devices play in the Future of Diagnostics?

In this episode, I am excited to talk with Adrian Brodesser, CEO of Somareality, to explore the latest technological developments and their impact on society.

Adrian will be joining us to discuss the use of VR in diagnosing neurological diseases and how these devices are revolutionizing the way we approach healthcare. From Alzheimer's to Parkinson's, virtual reality is providing doctors with new tools to understand and treat these complex conditions.

So join us as we delve into the world of VR and healthcare with Adrian Brodesser and learn how this technology is changing the game for the diagnosis and treatment of neurological diseases.

⭐ We discuss topics like:
•How to find product market fit for VR
•Core Business of Somareality
•VR Use Cases in Healthcare and Sports
•Use Cases for VR-based Diagnostics
•Challenges of Entrepreneurship

⭐ EPISODE Links:
Today’s speaker is Adrian Brodesser, CEO of Somareality


📖 Memorable Quotes
(10:00) "Entrepreneurship is really hard."
(48:10) "With Eyetracking, we can measure if the person is overwhelmed with parts of the process."
(50:30) "The AI helps people to understand where they are struggling and which steps they should take from here on."
(01:00:09) "A lot of great insights into the early-stage dedication of diseases can be derived from eye-tracking."
(01:10:30) "Technology-based Diagnostics will be vastly available in the future"
(01:32:00) "3 pieces of Advice for New Entrepreneurs"

📚 Book Mentions:
(17:30) Jimmy Soni The Founders

⏰ Timestamps
(00:00) Kick Off
(06:40) Entrepreneurship in 2022
(12:40) The Art of saying no
(20:30) The Magic of Finding Product Market Fit
(24:05) Selling – The Most Important Skill for Startups
(28:34) How to Sell to the Healthcare Industry
(32:15) Core Business of Somareality – Usecases for VR
(41:00) How VR helps to understand the User Better
(44:12) Commercial Potential of VR – Intuitive Surgical, Lufthansa and Somareality
(52:15) Use Cases in Healthcare and Sports for Attention Tracking
(56:00) Digital Diagnostics with VR
(59:15) The Research Behind Eyetracking with VR for Diagnostics
(01:02:23) Aware Virtual Reality Systems – The Future of VR
(01:10:26) The Long-Term Future of VR-based Diagnostics
(01:16:25) Near Future Use Cases for VR-based Diagnostics
(01:19:00) Elevator Pitch for VR-based Diagnostics
(01:22:35) Objective Pain Measurement with VR
(01:29:00) Fundraising
(01:30:50) Custom Solutions for the B2B Environment
(01:31:00) 3 Points for Entrepreneurs who start a business

New study will look at how virtual reality can help diagnose dementia | Brain Sciences - UCL – University College London

[Virtual reality and dementia] - PubMed (

Virtual reality for enhanced neurological exams - Mayo Clinic

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