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#96: Kurt Höller - This was 2022 - Year in Review Part I

December 30, 2022 Christian Soschner Season 3 Episode 38
Beginner's Mind
#96: Kurt Höller - This was 2022 - Year in Review Part I
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Show Notes

Welcome to the year-in-review podcast for 2022!

As the year comes to a close, I am excited to reflect on the successes and learnings from the past 12 months and look ahead to what 2023 has in store.

I have an incredible lineup of speakers from 90 previous podcast episodes; the event was live-streamed before Christmas on LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook, so listeners could tune in from anywhere.

To conclude the year and start into 2023, each speaker will be featured in their podcast episode.

As a starter, I am thrilled to have Kurt Höller from EIT Health joining. Kurt will share his most memorable moments from 2022, his biggest successes and learnings, and his expectations for 2023. We'll also be discussing EIT Health and getting an overview of the LSG2G community.

Kurt Höller is the Director of Business Creation at EIT Health, a leading healthcare initiative supporting over 750 startups and providing access to key industry players. He has a wealth of experience in healthcare, including founding and directing several companies, and a strong background in research, with a focus on health innovation.

We have a full schedule of speakers lined up, including Caroline E. Heil from The New Meat Company, Albert Missbichler, a business angel, Lina Toro and Mauricio Agudelo from Bialtec, Kimberly Cornfield from UCL, Collin Ewald from ETH Zurich, Guido Gualdoni from G.ST Antivirals, and Thomas Schubert from 2bind.

We'll be tackling questions such as:
•What excited you the most in 2022?
•What should change in 2023?

I hope you enjoy the episode from this exciting year-in-review event.

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⏰  Timestamps:
(00:00) Intro to Year in Review, Kurt Höller, And EIT Health
(03:00) Chat GPT as a helper to find questions for the podcast recording
(04:30) Kurt shares his personal highlights from 2022
(07:30) EIT Health in 2022
(08:30) Events after the pandemic – From EIT Health Summit to Bits and Pretzels
(11:00) Bits & Pretzels – The European Woodstock for Startup Entrepreneurs
(12:55) Bavaria, White Sausages and Beer Habits
(14:30) Kurt’s New Role as Managing Director of InvestHealth
(17:30) The Venture Capital Situation in Europe in 2022
(21:28) Healthtech Investment Trends in the Coming Years
(23:30) Europe Becomes a Single Market for Health Apps
(34:00) Estonia – Leader in Digital Adoption in Many Categories

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