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#97: Caroline E. Heil - This was 2022 - A Year in Review - Part II

December 31, 2022 Christian Soschner Season 3 Episode 39
Beginner's Mind
#97: Caroline E. Heil - This was 2022 - A Year in Review - Part II
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Welcome to the second part of "This was 2022 - A Year in Review," a special edition of the Beginner’s Mind Podcast as we close the year and look ahead to 2023. I'm your host Christian Soschner, and I'm excited to be joined by Caroline Heil, CEO of The New Meat Company.

Caroline is a seasoned investor passionate about revolutionizing the food industry sustainably and healthily. She has worked for EY as a lawyer. She has experience advising clients on corporate aspects of M&A transactions and VC investments, with a focus on the alternative protein and meat market, food security, and sustainability.

The New Meat Company is a purpose-driven impact investment company based in Berlin that invests in game-changing companies and founders disrupting the traditional meat industry with sustainable, nutritious, and tasty alternatives. They have a buy-and-build strategy, consolidating established pioneers and emerging game-changers in the alternative meat space and partnering with innovative individuals who prioritize animal welfare and reducing the ecological footprint of meat production.

In this episode, Caroline will share her insights on the key trends in the food industry, the importance of proper nutrition for long-term health, and her advice for startups and scaleups seeking investment. She'll also give us a preview of what to expect in 2023 and the ideal investment opportunity for The New Meat Company.

So sit back, relax, and get ready to learn from one of the top investors in the food industry as we close out the year and look ahead to the future.

We have a full schedule of speakers lined up, including Kurt Höller from EIT Health, Albert Missbichler, a business angel, Lina Toro and Mauricio Agudelo from Bialtec, Kimberly Cornfield from UCL, Collin Ewald from ETH Zurich, Guido Gualdoni from G.ST Antivirals, and Thomas Schubert from 2bind.

We'll be tackling questions such as:
•What excited you the most in 2022?
•What should change in 2023?

I hope you enjoy the episode from this exciting year-in-review event.

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⏰  Timestamps:
(00:00) Introduction Caroline Heil and the New Meat Company

(05:00) Why Eating Habits are Key to a Long and Healthy Life

(05:30) Getting the Nutrition Habits Right in Society has the potential to reduce healthcare expenses by 90%

(08:45) The Optimal Nutrition Habits for 2023

(11:50) Highlight

Practice Partnership: Monetizing Your Dental Practice
Doctors – are you interested in building long-term wealth and continuing on as an...

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(Cont.) #97: Caroline E. Heil - This was 2022 - A Year in Review - Part II