Beginner's Mind

#98: Beginner's Mind - Memorable Moments of 2022

January 02, 2023 Christian Soschner Season 4 Episode 1
Beginner's Mind
#98: Beginner's Mind - Memorable Moments of 2022
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Welcome to the first days of 2023! As we bid farewell to the past year, I wanted to take a moment to appreciate all the amazing conversations on my podcast over the past 12 months. From global crises to personal triumphs and failures, 2022 has been a year like no other.

I covered various topics on the show, from venture capital to clinical development, psychedelics, virtual reality, and biophysics. In honor of these incredible episodes, I have decided to end the year with a compilation of the best moments from the previous 12 months.

It was difficult for me to choose just five standout conversations from the many I've had, so I enlisted the help of ChatGPT to generate five numbers between 60 and 97 randomly. These five episodes are the ones I've chosen to highlight.

But as we enter the new year, it’s also a time to look ahead and plan for what lies ahead. In the words of CS Lewis, "The future is something which everyone reaches at the rate of sixty minutes an hour, whatever he does, whoever he is." So grab your holiday cheer, join me as I reflect on the past year’s highlights, and look ahead to what’s in store in the new year. The clock is ticking, and the future is waiting. So, don't miss out and tune in to this YouTube video for all the exciting details!

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⏰  Timestamps:
(00:00) Welcome 2023
(03:02) Episode 70: Bruno Montanari - Seroba Life Science - The Role of Venture Capital
(13:00) Episode 71: Heike Schön - Lumis International - How to Rescue Clinical Trials
(24:45) Episode 79: Jonathan Sporn - Gilgamesh Pharmaceuticals - Psychedelic Drugs
(39:21) Episode 94: Adrian Brodesser - Somareality - Digital Diagnostics with Virtual Reality
(54:22) Episode 93: Thomas Schubert - 2bind - Biophysics
(01:09:00) Beginner’s Mind Podcast: Outlook to 2023 - meet the future of healthcare
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(Cont.) #98: Beginner's Mind - Memorable Moments of 2022