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#99: Albert Missbichler - This was 2022 - A Year in Review - Part 3

January 04, 2023 Christian Soschner Season 4 Episode 2
Beginner's Mind
#99: Albert Missbichler - This was 2022 - A Year in Review - Part 3
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Welcome to the third part of "This was 2022 - A Year in Review," a special edition of the Beginner's Mind Podcast.

I'm your host Christian Soschner and I'm excited to be joined by Albert Missbichler, a business angel with over thirty years of experience in biochemistry and clinical diagnostics.

In this episode, we'll be discussing the highlights of 2022, the differences between scientific B2B and B2C, and the challenges of translating science into simple words.

 We'll also be exploring the lifestyle habits and health literacy of Gen Z, as well as the crucial habits for longevity.

Finally, we'll be discussing the changes in the post-pandemic conference industry and the big trends to look out for in 2023 in diagnostics.

Stick around for all of this and more with Albert Missbichler on the Beginner's Mind Podcast.

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⏰  Timestamps:
(01:23) Prediction Caroline Heil for 2023
(02:06) Introduction Albert Missbichler and Fianostics
(03:00) Highlights Albert Missbichler in 2022 – from B2B to B2C
(04:40) The  Biggest Differences between Scientific B2B and B2C
(07:00) Challenges of Translating Science into Simple Words
(11:30) Lifestyle Habits and Health Literacy of Gen Z
(17:45) Crucial Habits for Longevity
(21:15) Postpandemic Meeting Habits – What changes, what remains
(25:20) Changes in the Post-Pandemic Conference Industry 
(28:00) Big Trends in 2023 in Diagnostics
(32:00) Inoolab and Fluobolt

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(Cont.) #99: Albert Missbichler - This was 2022 - A Year in Review - Part 3