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MM 6: Sebastian Mallaby: The Art of Storytelling in Venture Capital

June 18, 2023 Christian Soschner, Sebastian Mallaby Season 4 Episode 27
Beginner's Mind
MM 6: Sebastian Mallaby: The Art of Storytelling in Venture Capital
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Show Notes

Welcome back to another episode of Memorable Moments. Today's spotlight is on the conversation with Sebastian Mallaby, acclaimed author of 'The Power Law'.

Venture capital, often a labyrinth of jargon and complex concepts, is made accessible through Mallaby's unique storytelling approach. This episode reveals the meticulous process behind his writing, showcasing the comprehensive research and interviewing methods that shape his work. It's a testament to the power of storytelling in making even the most complex subjects engaging.

The journey continues with the uncovering of the stories behind venture capital. These narratives, brought to life through Mallaby's exceptional storytelling, offer a fresh perspective on the world of venture capital.

Curiosity about the evolution of venture capital or a simple appreciation for great storytelling makes this episode a must-listen. This memorable moment with Sebastian Mallaby invites listeners to immerse themselves in the fascinating world of venture capital. Listen now, and let the journey begin.

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