Beginner's Mind

#117: Jon Chee - Disrupt, Ask, Innovate: Inside Jon Chee's Mindset

October 02, 2023 Christian Soschner, Jon Chee Season 4 Episode 44
Beginner's Mind
#117: Jon Chee - Disrupt, Ask, Innovate: Inside Jon Chee's Mindset
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Show Notes

🎯 Challenging the Biotech Status Quo with Jon Chee of Excedr!
Dive into a transformative conversation with Jon Chee, the CEO and Co-founder of Excedr, as he shares his journey from the wet labs of UC Berkeley to revolutionizing the way life science startups access mission-critical equipment.

🚀 Main Points:
1️⃣ The Excedr Mission: Discover how Excedr is bridging the gap between life sciences and financial services, offering founder-friendly equipment leases to accelerate high-impact research.
2️⃣ The Power of Leasing: Uncover the benefits of leasing over purchasing, from improved cash flow to accelerated research timelines.
3️⃣ The Vision for the Future: Jon's long-term vision for Excedr and how it aims to improve health outcomes globally.

👤About Jon Chee:
With over a decade in the life sciences industry, Jon Chee co-founded Excedr to alleviate the financial burdens faced by early-stage life science companies. His academic background in Molecular Toxicology from UC Berkeley and his passion for entrepreneurship drive his mission to support groundbreaking research.


🗣️ Top Quotes from Jon Chee:
(00:12:45) "Entrepreneurship started when I wanted to alleviate obstacles impeding our lab's ability to research."
(00:28:41) "I enjoy challenging the status quo and constantly asking, 'Why?'"
(00:56:34) "Having a mission you truly believe in makes facing rejection worthwhile."
(01:09:03) "Finding win-win situations is more than just business; it's about living a life worth remembering."
(01:45:58) "Over time, challenges net out and head in the right direction. As long as our North Star is clear, we'll be just fine."

⏰ Timestamps:
(00:02:26) The Art of Starting a Podcast: Joe Rogan and Lex Fridman
(00:06:31) Conversations Over Drinks: The Essence of Podcasting
(00:13:13) From Gaming to Entrepreneurship: A Journey of Building
(00:15:35) The Art of Game Theory in Poker
(00:16:28) Disrupting Predictable Strategies
(00:19:39) Poker's Parallels to Business and Investing
(00:28:41) Challenging the Status Quo: The Power of Asking Why
(00:29:56) Growing the Pie: Value for All Stakeholders
(00:38:22) Expanding Horizons: Serving the US Research Community
(00:42:03) Navigating Europe's Complex Landscape
(00:43:51) The Entrepreneurial Shift: Berkeley vs. Stanford
(00:51:56) Bridging the Gap: Science Meets Finance
(00:54:22) "Embracing the Village Mentality in Science"
(00:56:34) "Mission-Driven Persistence Amidst Rejection"
(01:04:48) "Defining Value in Stakeholder-Centric Deals"
(01:07:05) Building for a 100-Year Journey
(01:08:39) Living Life with Win-Win Situations
(01:14:42) Demystifying Entrepreneurship in Science
(01:20:53) Improving Health Outcomes: A North Star
(01:21:52) The Digital Revolution: Global Accessibility and Connection
(01:29:40) Navigating Financial Challenges in Startup Ecosystems
(01:34:36) Deep Dive into Lab Equipment Financing
(01:37:01) Distributed Bio: A Success Story
(01:44:36) The Future of Venture Capital in Silicon Valley
(01:48:18) Europe's Unique Science Funding Landscape
(01:49:43) U.S. Ecosystems Beyond Silicon Valley
(01:56:45) Nurturing Biotech Leaders with

📣  Looking to extend your cash runway and get the equipment your lab needs? Excedr offers flexible leasing solutions tailored to your needs. Dive into a world of efficiency and innovation. Reach out to us today at

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