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MM15: Alexander Valtingojer - Unlocking the Metaverse's Potential: The Crypto-Fintech Fusion Entrepreneurs Need to Know!

October 12, 2023 Christian Soschner Season 4 Episode 46
Beginner's Mind
MM15: Alexander Valtingojer - Unlocking the Metaverse's Potential: The Crypto-Fintech Fusion Entrepreneurs Need to Know!
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🔥 The Metaverse is more than just a digital realm; it's a goldmine waiting to be tapped. But how can entrepreneurs and investors navigate this new frontier without getting lost?

1️⃣ The Problem Amplified:

  • Are you struggling to understand the convergence of crypto and fintech in the Metaverse?
  • Feeling overwhelmed by the rapid technological advancements and unsure how to capitalize on them?
  • Concerned about missing out on the next big opportunity in the digital economy?

2️⃣ What You'll Get in This Clip:

  • Insights into the fusion of crypto and fintech within the Metaverse and its implications for businesses.
  • Strategies to leverage these technologies for maximum profit and growth.
  • Expert advice from Alexander Valtingojer, a pioneer in the field, to guide your entrepreneurial journey.

3️⃣ About Alexander Valtingojer:
Alexander Valtingojer is the CEO of the crypto fintech Coinpanion. From his school days, he was deeply involved with cryptocurrencies, leading him to work on various projects in this domain. He developed a Bitcoin PayPal marketplace and later, during his studies, actively traded cryptocurrencies. Alexander even worked on his own ICO and spoke at the C³ Crypto Conference in Berlin.

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Subsequently, he founded a sole proprietorship for software services. For the past four years, he has delved deep into the financial markets and was a trader on Coinpanion's previous version. Today, Coinpanion has grown into a thriving company with 30+ employees, aiming to assist everyone in entering the crypto market with smart portfolios.

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We hope you find this video enlightening and beneficial. Dive deep into the world of the Metaverse and discover the opportunities that await!

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Christian Soschner

How can investors and entrepreneurs navigate the rapidly evolving world of digital assets in 2023? What's the secret to understanding the crypto ecosystem? Stay tuned to uncover the answers.


00:00:19:12 - 00:00:32:12

Alexander Valtingojer

I would say the access to the asset itself super, super easy to access to the technology is far superior of what it was, but I was still a bit like Charlie and I not quite there in.


00:00:32:12 - 00:01:02:08

Christian Soschner

A digital age where the lines between reality and the virtual worlds blur. The challenge of understanding and investing in the crypto space becomes even more daunting. In this clip, you will discover the future vision of the metaverse and its implications. The evolution of cryptocurrencies since 2017 and their impact on the financial world, the potential and challenges of artificial intelligence in the digital realm.


00:01:02:11 - 00:01:34:12

Christian Soschner

Meet our Speaker, recorded back in January 2022. We have Alexander Viken Goyer, the CEO of COIN Penny and a visionary who has been at the forefront of the crypto fintech world. Before we dive in, please remember to share, comment and subscribe. Your support helps bring in more insightful content and attract thought leaders like Alexander to share their expertise.


00:01:35:06 - 00:01:38:17

Christian Soschner

Now let's get into the clip.


00:01:38:24 - 00:01:51:07

Alexander Valtingojer

I wouldn't say it's just work, but it's definitely exactly that. Like this future room where we interconnect and basically replace uncertainty with the real world. But we're very communicate and exchange and work lives.


00:01:52:02 - 00:01:55:22

Speaker 3

Star Trek. Star Trek Holodeck. Yeah.


00:01:56:07 - 00:02:18:21

Alexander Valtingojer

I don't know. Like if you know the movie on Ready PLAYER one it's a bit of a challenge for sure, but it actually shows really what is going to come to degree and it's going to be the super hyper realistic environment where we can move around and feel also and I know for a lot of people it sounds I think a lot of people think it's coming too soon.


00:02:18:22 - 00:02:40:11

Alexander Valtingojer

So there's a lot of you, but it's also not that far away. If you look at like, especially gaming is a bit of a like a like a role model and it's in that area like games nowadays is they look so super realistic and it's just getting better and better. And like, it really renders the super realistic areas in real time.


00:02:40:22 - 00:03:05:19

Alexander Valtingojer

Then you just have to that's what technology is happening like that that we can like generate virtual realities in real time and with superior like resolution and graphic design, then you have 5G, which is happening, but you say, okay, I can like outsource the processing power and basically we can connect real time without a delay, without any latency being the same room.


00:03:06:02 - 00:03:29:11

Alexander Valtingojer

And all this process in which we need to like generate that area is also done in a cloud, like the data stream is continuous. And then another trend is also A.I. technology. Like if you look nowadays with like artificial intelligence personas like, like the GP to freeze like a keyword and then they can have communications with A.I., they almost don't know this is in the AI.


00:03:29:21 - 00:03:47:21

Alexander Valtingojer

So it's also happening that and if you combine it all together, you're basically individual worlds that can like hang out with my friends, which look whatever they want to, I won't because it can be rendered in real time and everything. And I have A.I., which I don't know is like a real human is is not really human. And basically it's like a servant in a system.


00:03:48:06 - 00:04:08:04

Alexander Valtingojer

So there's a lot happening in that direction. And sometimes it sounds crazy, but if you like, really look closely what is happening all this different area of technology is coming and it's actually way far. Like it's I think it's sooner closer than a lot of people think, especially this interconnection of all this technologies.


00:04:08:13 - 00:04:17:06

Speaker 3

I think this would be a question for Lex Freedman. Artificial intelligence as a servant, what happens if a servant develops consciousness?


00:04:17:14 - 00:04:40:23

Alexander Valtingojer

Digital consciousness now, so I can send you something. So but well, like some guys have discussions with to free eyes and basically then they ask all that last after a while, after it's trained a bit. If the AI is conscious, then she explains a concept what in her opinion is consciousness? And she says, If this is that your explanation too, then I would say I'm conscious.


00:04:41:05 - 00:05:03:24

Alexander Valtingojer

And then like the people are like and also like Watson was like, okay, what? The fact because a complete image made sounds like somebody comes up with their own ideas and can express emotions and everything, which you can but fake. And then it goes like, okay, this is consciousness. If you define it like that. And an interesting concept, like an interesting reside with this test is also a I can learn to like it.


00:05:03:24 - 00:05:41:01

Alexander Valtingojer

So in this talks the AI started to lie a bit but as a joke and then you kind of come also up with this question like they can lie to you so you don't know what's true and what is false. And it's like almost impossible to read what's behind the code. It is also for sure dangerous concept of certain degree, but I'm always more like the optimist that I think this is actually really good development happening in the general area, I think especially for the environment also, because if we bother the little rooms also like collaboration, we basically reduce a lot of waste, which is not needed for short term communication exchanges.


00:05:41:16 - 00:05:59:19

Alexander Valtingojer

But on the other hand, on the social side, it's also not that nice if we were like over the long term because human touch doesn't connections will be less in the future. I think like just, I don't know, like a regular handshake or something like that. Just like, just like touching people and is direct connection with people.


00:06:00:14 - 00:06:31:08

Speaker 3

We already there are researchers working on that problem. I had a podcast episode back in 2020 with a professor from UCL in London where he's developing devices that replicate touching people, so that made the Internet touchable. That's really interesting. You have to, I think number 20 something to look it up. Um, I spent more time on the introduction because it answers a very important question and that is why is it important now to get into the crypto world?


00:06:31:08 - 00:06:56:01

Speaker 3

So I wanted to know if there were enough adolescent use cases out there on the market that would help people understand that it makes sense to get accustomed to cryptocurrencies more than ever before. So, for example, I mean, it's just that in 20 1617 there were a few use cases and now they're getting more and more and more into an ecosystem evolves.


00:06:56:07 - 00:06:59:15

Speaker 3

The question that's still open is.


00:07:00:04 - 00:07:00:24

Christian Soschner

I mean, the.


00:07:00:24 - 00:07:26:10

Speaker 3

Cryptocurrencies are the basis layer for all these developments that we have. So to make things unique in the metaverse, to make things unique and to create the economy, you need some some tokens as a base layer that help creating the smart contracts around this physical or digital world. The theme was The first problem that I encountered back in 2017 was how can affect the currencies and it was a really challenging patch then.


00:07:26:14 - 00:07:28:21

Speaker 3

What has evolved since 2017?


00:07:29:22 - 00:08:00:14

Alexander Valtingojer

I think the industry has lost a lot, especially just like, like I said, access to this, this things like buying Bitcoin out of fear nowadays is super easy. Like you can easily download whatever app like a Coinbase app, download it, charge your credit card, buy some bitcoin, you have bitcoin. So so that part is super easy. I also think on a more technical part, like crypto wallets and connecting them with different platforms to execute smart contracts, but way easier.


00:08:00:14 - 00:08:21:06

Alexander Valtingojer

If you look at Metamask, it's a great browser extension wallet which you can use in a lot of these web free platforms which are really doesn't that true? So I would say the access to the asset itself, super, super easy to access to the technology is far superior. What it was. But I was still a bit like Charlie and I not quite them.


00:08:21:18 - 00:08:43:07

Alexander Valtingojer

I think a big challenge currently if it's like an investing space. And there's also what we are doing basically is there's so much happening like the market is involving so quickly. It's really this innovation push in so many directions and it's really hard to keep up with it. Like, I mean, like I'm I'm like spending most of my day basically researching, thinking about what happens with the world.


00:08:43:17 - 00:09:10:17

Alexander Valtingojer

And I can't keep up with everything which happens. So it's so I see it as an asset class, which I definitely do is for sure. Not easy to participate in easy menu. And just like passively, I would say. So that's a bit what we are doing again. So we are trying to put that ETF approach to digital assets so that you don't like say, okay, what is now Solana, Cardano Axie Infinity, what is happening there, What are developing?


00:09:10:17 - 00:09:28:03

Alexander Valtingojer

Does it make sense? What is what a asset? And if you make sounds like a lot of buzzwords, but that's what the industry is about. And what we are trying is basically break them down and make it more like category in thematic investing. So I want to invest in a defi space. I believe decentralized finance systems make sense, and this is something for the future.


00:09:28:08 - 00:09:50:17

Alexander Valtingojer

Instead of buying a single tokens, you can easily buy an index of these tokens. But we basically do the research, create these portfolios and manage them. Same for NFT and Metaverse, and we're going to go deeper. Also going in this lot community items, music rights, gaming items really are this new innovative asset classes which are basic now involving making this super, super easy.


00:09:51:14 - 00:10:26:01

Christian Soschner

What an insightful discussion to recap today we delve deep into the potential and challenges of the metaverse, explored the evolving role of artificial intelligence and its consciousness, and emphasize the importance of understanding and investing in the crypto world now. Aleksandar Viking Quest Insights from Chen Muri 2022 still hold relevance today, showcasing his foresight and deep understanding of the crypto fintech landscape.


00:10:26:21 - 00:10:52:07

Christian Soschner

Before we wrap up, a quick reminder if you found value in this content, please share, comment and subscribe. Your support is invaluable in helping bringing more of such enlightening content and attract industry experts to share their wisdom. Stay tuned for more episodes and always keep learning. Until next time.