Beginner's Mind

MM 16: 🔥 Philipp Baaske: Unlocking the Cure: The Race Against Time in Cancer Research

October 26, 2023 Christian Soschner Season 4 Episode 48
Beginner's Mind
MM 16: 🔥 Philipp Baaske: Unlocking the Cure: The Race Against Time in Cancer Research
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Show Notes

Every year, 18 million souls are diagnosed with cancer - that's akin to the entire population of the Netherlands. But what if there was a way to release a cancer medication just a month earlier? Imagine the countless lives saved. Dive into this riveting conversation with Philipp Baaske, the visionary behind NanoTemper, as he unveils the power of perseverance, innovation, and the audacious ambition to treat every ailment known to humanity.

1️⃣ The Stark Reality:
Grasp the magnitude of the global cancer crisis and the urgency of finding a cure.

2️⃣ What Awaits Inside:

  • Journey with Philipp Baaske from NanoTemper's humble beginnings to its groundbreaking contributions in biotech.
  • Discover the transformative tools reshaping drug discovery and their potential in the fight against cancer.

3️⃣ About Philipp Baaske:
Philipp Baaske, co-founder and CEO of NanoTemper, is on a mission to arm scientists with cutting-edge tools, accelerating medical marvels. His story is a beacon of hope, belief, and relentless pursuit of a world where every disease is treatable.

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