Beginner's Mind

#38: Dusica Lukac - The Magic of Corporate Finance

April 17, 2021 Christian Soschner Season 2 Episode 7
Beginner's Mind
#38: Dusica Lukac - The Magic of Corporate Finance
Show Notes

In this podcast episode, we will discuss several different forms of growth and scaling up companies. In the era of the fast-growing unicorns and skyrocketing valuations, we try to disassemble the growth path and see what a founder can do to benefit most of these options. 

  • How to decide if an organic or buy&build model is the right one for me? 
  • Are mergers & acquisitions play-field only for the very mature companies? 
  • When is the time to start with bolt-on acquisitions? 
  • Is fast growth really possible in only an organic way? 
  • We shall address all these questions, look into the latest M&A trends of 2020 and 2021, shed a light on the life science industry, and discuss several real-life cases of buy&build growth models. 

As we are excited about the next podcast episode let us just say ‘Hopin' our podcast episode for more. 

Dusica Lukac holds an Executive MBA from Carlson Business School, Minnesota, the US and Wirtschaft Universitaet Wien, Vienna, Austria: Entrepreneurial Specialization and Fintech Law and Regulations courses Duke University, US; Private Equity and Venture Capital course Bocconi, Italy.

Traveled to 78 countries, multilingual, fascinated with financial innovation, watercolor painter.

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