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#41: Christoph Lengauer - The 7 Key Success Factors of Building Great Life Science Companies.

May 27, 2021 Christian Soschner Season 2 Episode 10
Beginner's Mind
#41: Christoph Lengauer - The 7 Key Success Factors of Building Great Life Science Companies.
Show Notes

This episode will discuss what it takes to build companies that develop novel therapies, vaccines, and diagnostics in the pharma industry.

Since the pandemic, everybody has become familiar with the critical elements of pharma product development.

But let’s take a closer look into the value chain of the industry.

What does it take to pick up a technology and bring it to patients?

Questions we will discuss:

Some questions we will focus on:

  • What strategic approaches do exist for life science companies?
  • How important is the team in developing a company to an IPO?
  • Where can scientists find help when they want to start a company?

About Christoph Lengauer (from Third Rock Ventures)

The most powerful thing about being a part of this industry is having the opportunity to improve the lives of patients and their families.”

Christoph loves the ideation of new company concepts and focuses on the formation, development, and strategy of our portfolio companies. He is an accomplished scientist and drug hunter with the ability to translate that knowledge, insight, and expertise into compelling business strategies. Christoph has contributed to the discovery and development of eight FDA-approved medicines.

Christoph is dedicated to making a dramatic difference in patients’ lives. 

About Third Rock Ventures

We discover, launch, and build great companies based on bold ideas that meet at the intersection of science, strategy, business, and medicine – where transformational science meets operational reality – providing the best opportunity to make a dramatic difference in patients’ lives.

(00:00) Opening

(01:30) Intro Christoph Lengauer

(05:19) Blueprint Medicine – What Does a Company Need for an IPO?

(08:45) How Important is the Team for the Investment Decision?

(10:20) What is the Best Attitude Towards Success?

(13:40) Why are IPOs Important to Companies and Investors?

(16:45) Third Rock Ventures Mission

(18:20) Why is the Listing Place Still Important in 2021?

(20:40) Early Stage Funding – US vs. Europe

(25:40) What is an entrepreneurial mindset?

(30:20) The Third Rock Ventures Investment Approach

(35:25) The Role a Technology Plays in the Investors Decision Process

(40:00) Exit Strategies for Life Science Companies

(44:00) What are Reasonable Valuations in the Life Science Industries Along the Value Chain?

(49:45) What Effect do the Bail Out Programs have on Valuations in the Private Life Science Sector?

(52:50) Success in the Life Science Industry in the last 10 years

(54:30) What Do We Need to Improve in the Industry?

(56:50) Fair Distribution of Medicine

(59:50) Distribution of Medicine – Poverty – Education

(01:02:50) The Future Of Life Science in the next 20 Years

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