Beginner's Mind

#49: Andrea Sommer - Marrying Deeptech with IP Strategy

October 08, 2021 Christian Soschner Season 2 Episode 18
Beginner's Mind
#49: Andrea Sommer - Marrying Deeptech with IP Strategy
Show Notes

Here is my conversation with Andrea Sommer about the advantages of patents for private deep-tech companies.

For those who want to listen to specific parts of the episode, here are the timestamps:

00:00 Opening Christian Soschner
02:00 Intro Andrea Sommer – Importance of Patents
03:48 The Role of Patents in Deep Tech Companies – Understanding the Importance of Patent Processes
13:51 What is the right point in time to file a patent application?
15:57 Patent process in Europe
24:25 Patents – A Once in a Lifetime Event or a Process?
35:00 The importance of getting the right information for the first filing
37:10 The Reasons for an FTO Analysis from the Patent Attorney’s Perspective
41:40 When is the right time for an FTO Analysis
46:00 More Details on the Process of FTO Analysis – Better Late than Never?
51:15 How to Implement Patent and FTO Processes into the Organisation
57:27 Patent Infringement
01:02:10 Possibilities of Compulsory Licenses
01:07:15 A Brief History of Patent Laws…
01:09:20 … and The Future Of Patent Laws
01:15:00 The Future of Patents and Licenses
01:23:00 Patents and Sars CoV 2 – Would giving up patent rights by governmental enforcement tackle the right problem?
01:27:40 Tesla put all Patents into the Public Domain 2014 – Does that make sense?
01:33:20 The Role of Patents in Startups
01:40:30 Is there a difference between US Entrepreneurs and their European counterparts?
01:44:00  Perception of Entrepreneurship
01:49:00 How to Collaborate with Big Corporations as an SME
01:53:00 Patents and Investors

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