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#52: Caroline Heil - Driving the Future of Meat

October 28, 2021 Christian Soschner Season 2 Episode 21
Beginner's Mind
#52: Caroline Heil - Driving the Future of Meat
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Show Notes

The industry gains complexity, and I am happy that a speaker from the LSG2G community has dedicated time to speak about the Future of the Food Industry.

Speaker in the Episode: Dr. Caroline E. Heil

Since Jul. 1, 2021, Caroline has been CEO of The New Meat Company AG, a young stock-listed, purpose-driven impact investment company in Berlin focusing on alternative proteins. 

Caroline is intrigued by the idea of revolutionizing the food industry, especially everything animal production-related, in an environmentally friendly, healthy, and sustainable way that will allow us to feed +10 billion people in the future.

Before joining TNMC, Caroline worked for EY as a lawyer and part of the global EY Agribusiness Team. 

The New Meat Co.

The firm invests in game-changing companies and founders that disrupt the status quo of the meat industry to create nutritious, tasty, and sustainable meat alternatives that are good for everyone – animals, humans, and our planet.

Topics we discuss in the show:

In this conversation, we discuss the Future Of the Food Industry and talk about topics like: 

  • Alternative proteins
  • Nutraceuticals
  • Functional food
  • Reworking the supply chain
  • 3d printing of food
  • Personalized nutrition
  • And much more…

Follow Caroline E. Heil and The New Meat Co.:

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00:00 Opening

02:25 The New Meat Company – New Trends in the Food Industry

05:06 The Environmental Footprint of the Foot Industry in 2021

08:08 Sustainability of the Food Industry

10:14 Introduction Caroline Heil

14:36 Innovation in the Meat Industry

19:10 Sustainability of Analog Meat

22:00 The Health Impact of Nutrition

28:35 Solving the Global Distribution of Food with Modern Technology?

34:38 The Hellofresh Case – High-Quality Food at Low Prices

39:57 Consumer Trends in the Food Industry

42:23 Insects as Protein Source?

46:20 Lab-Grown Meat

57:45 How Industry and StartUps Can Evolve Together

01:00:00 Mission Statement of The New Meat Company

01:03:20 What Invention Will Have the Biggest Impact on The Food Industry in This Decade?

01:06:50 3D Printing of Food

01:11:20 Longevity and the Food Industry

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