Beginner's Mind

#53: Alexander Schwartz and Ingrid Kelly Spillman - The Future of Early-Stage Deep Tech Investments in Europe

November 08, 2021 Christian Soschner Season 2 Episode 22
Beginner's Mind
#53: Alexander Schwartz and Ingrid Kelly Spillman - The Future of Early-Stage Deep Tech Investments in Europe
Show Notes

In this conversation, we will talk about the future of the Early-Stage Ecosystem in Europe.

Speaker in the Episode:

Alexander Schwartz joined IST cube in 2018 as a Partner. He has more than 15 years of experience in management consulting, eight of which with McKinsey & Company.

Ingrid Kelly Spillman joined the IST Tech Transfer team in October 2018. Ingrid worked as a patent attorney in and for the pharma industry for more than a decade.

IST cube focuses on startups with a strong background in science and technology, such as academic spin-offs or young deep tech companies. 

Topics we discuss in the show:

In this conversation, we discuss:

  • Ecosystems
  • Early-Stage Investments
  • VC Investment Stories
  • From Science to Business
  • The IST Ecosystem
  • and much more…



(00:00) Introduction

(02:50) Introduction Alexander 

(04:12) Introduction Ingrid 

(06:05) How are IST, Twist, and IST Cube linked?

(09:21) The Success Story of IST – from Greenfield Operations to Top 3 in 15 years

(13:20) IST Cube’s Role in the Early-StageCommunity

(16:45) The People behind IST Cube

(19:00) Investment Focus of IST Cube

(21:50) What is the attractive opportunity in early-stage investments?

(26:00) When is the right time to reach out to VCs?

(29:30) How Academic and Business Mindset work Together in Early-Stage Development

(34:45) The Attitude for Fundraising Companies

(38:20) What is the right timing for creating a spin-out company?

(43:14) What deal structures are possible for early-stage companies?

(48:25) Entrepreneurial Expertise in the European Eco-System

(58:50) Startup Business Models in the Early-Stage Investment Eco-System

(01:03:00) How Investors and Start-Ups Work Together to bring positive change to the World

(01:06:00) The IST Cube Eco-System in 2021 – Build Around Collaboration and Open Innovation

(01:09:15) How The Innovation Eco-System in Austria Collaborates to Support Companies to go from Zero to One

(01:12:00) How IST Cube Helps Scientists Making the Transition from Academia to Business

(01:17:00)Ideas for the European Eco-System

(01:20:10) Failure Culture in Europe

(01:23:30) Exit Strategies for Founders and Investors

(01:28:35) Four Attributes Startups Should Have to Fit into VC Models.

(01:32:40) What is the essential first step in the creation of a new company?

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