Beginner's Mind

#54: Oliver Mavher and Michael Deichsel - Crypto Trading and Taxes - The Past, The Present, and The Future

November 17, 2021 Christian Soschner Season 2 Episode 23
Beginner's Mind
#54: Oliver Mavher and Michael Deichsel - Crypto Trading and Taxes - The Past, The Present, and The Future
Show Notes

In this conversation, I will talk with Oliver Mavher and Michael Deichsel about Crypto Trading and taxes.

Topics we discuss in the show:

The questions that I consider relevant for everybody owning digital assets:

  • What if someone gets paid in Bitcoin or other Cryptocurrencies? Is that a taxable event?
  • What if someone invests in those novel digital assets and they gain in value?
  • Does the location of the wallet or crypto exchange make any difference for taxation? Which tax law is applicable?
  • What about European ETFs and their offshore counterparts that replicate the price of digital assets?
  • What about investments in companies that invest in digital assets?
  • Are there differences between retail investors, investment funds, and other institutional investors?
  • And many more questions similar to the above

Who are the Tax Experts in this Episode?

I am delighted to welcome

to find answers to a multiverse of questions around crypto investments and taxes.




(00:00) Opening What are the Real Life Tax Consequences of Trading with Cryptocurrencies?

(02:47) Opening Oliver Mavher – Support for Digital Companies in Tax Matters

(08:45) What are Security Token Offerings?

(11:00) Opening Michael Deichsel – Crypto and Taxes

(16:10) What is the Tokenization of the Economy?

(18:15) Smart Contracts

(24:15) What are Digital Assets in Terms of Tax Laws?

(27:00) Bitcoin as Legal Tender in El Salvador?

(29:07) Banking the Unbanked.

(30:55) Cryptocurrencies and the Environment

(34:13) What are crypto assets?

(37:00) What are NFTs?

(39:00) NFT and Taxations in Austria

(45:30) Changes in Tax Laws in Austria

(49:05) Taxable Events when BTC is used for salaries

(54:15) Using Cryptocurrencies for everyday purchases – what are the taxable events?

(56:45) Taxable events when trading cryptocurrencies outside Austria – A case for double taxation treaties?

(01:00:00) Different Cases for Taxation and their Consequences

(01:03:00) Taxation for Companies when holding Digital Assets

(01:07:00) Expected changes to the tax laws

(01:09:00) The difference in Taxation between Crypto Currencies and Digital Assets

(01:13:00) Where to get advice for Crypto Taxation?

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