Beginner's Mind

#56: Ole Dammann - How to Do Clinical Research in Europe

December 04, 2021 Christian Soschner Season 2 Episode 25
Beginner's Mind
#56: Ole Dammann - How to Do Clinical Research in Europe
Show Notes

In today’s episode, we explore Clinical Development with Ole Dammann, the owner of KFGN, a group of 6 clinical trial sites in Germany, and after joining Pratia, several sites in Eastern Europe.

Ole Dammann is one of the best experts in clinical trial management in the LSG2G Community. Ole is currently working on the digitization of clinical research and the development of new business models.

In this episode, we will talk about

  • Business Models in the Life Science Industry
  • Clinical Trial Management
  • Changes in the Business World in the last three decades 
  • Digital Health Revolution and
  • Much more

Who is the Expert in the show?


Video to the Episode

(00:00) Intro
(02:30) Life in Germany in October 2021
(05:50) Foundation of KFGN Group in the 90s
(07:25) Extending the Clinical Network to Eastern Europe
(09:10) How to Start a Collaboration During the Pandemic
(12:15) How were Clinical Trials Organized in the 90s compared to today?
(17:00) Clinical Trials and Big Data
(19:20) The European Funding Gap for Startup and Scaleup Companies
(23:20) Business Models for Clinical Trial Management in the 90s
(28:35) Clinical Trials in Separate Sites – Offering New Solutions to Patients
(30:40) The Effects of Personalized Medicine on the Complexity of Clinical Trial Management
(35:20) Rare Diseases and the Challenges For Clinical Trial Management
(38:30) Personalized Clinical Trial Management – Bring the Sites to the Patients
(41:20) Effects of Wearable Technology on Clinical Trials
(44:15) Wearable Technology and Data Collection for Clinical Trials
(47:45) Making Science and Data Understandable and Relatable
(50:00) Digital Therapeutics
(52:50) Current State of Digital Therapeutics
(53:40) Longevity and Clinical Trials
(55:40) What Makes The Eco-System Around the Stanford University so Unique?
(59:15) What is the True Sense of Business?
(01:01:00) Tesla, Apple, Alphabet, Facebook, Stanford University, Palo Alto Networks – Shaping the Entrepreneurial Bay Area Mindset
(01:03:15) Advantages of the European Mindset
(01:05:00) What is the Right Point in Time for Early-Stage Companies to Involve Clinical Experts?

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