Beginner's Mind

#59: Sascha Berger - TVM Capital - A Perspective on The Life-Science-Eco-System in the US and Europe

December 26, 2021 Christian Soschner Season 2 Episode 28
Beginner's Mind
#59: Sascha Berger - TVM Capital - A Perspective on The Life-Science-Eco-System in the US and Europe
Show Notes

In this episode, I am having a conversation with Sascha Berger, Partner at TVM Capital.

Dr. Sascha Berger is a Partner at TVM Capital, based in Munich, Germany. TVM Capital is one of the pioneer transatlantic Life Science Venture Capital funds with Europe and North America teams. Sascha joined TVM Capital in 2016, helped raise the current $480M fund, and works closely with entrepreneurs and founders to advance promising pharmaceutical assets, MedTech, diagnostic, and digital health technologies to the following value inflection points. Sascha is a passionate VC, a Boston Consulting Group alumnus, and has an academic chemistry and finance background.

TVM Capital is a dedicated life science venture capital firm with Europe and North America teams. Since its inception, TVM Capital has invested in entrepreneurial venture-backed companies. Over several fund generations, TVM Capital’s investment strategy has included a multi-stage investment approach spanning discovery to market-ready companies as well as profitable companies searching for growth capital. The investment focus has always been broad and includes investments in therapeutics, technology platforms, MedTech, and diagnostics.

In this episode, we talk about

  • How the Life Science Eco-Systems evolved in the US and Europe
  • TVM Capitals Investment Approach
  • How to reach out to VCs
  • And much more...

I hope you enjoy the conversation the same way as I did.

Who is the Expert in the show?


Video to the Episode:

00:00) Intro
(02:30) The History of TVM Capital
(05:45) The Development of Life Science Eco-Systems in Europe and North America
(10:35) What Possibilities Do Founders Have Today to Move their Companies Forward – From the Investors Perspective
(13:45) Long Term Investment Models in the Life Science Industry
(17:40) Cultural Differences between North America and Europe
(23:50) How to Create Companies That Become Targets for VCs
(27:10) How Important is the Growth Potential of a Company for TVM?
(29:05) How Much Time do VC Processes Take?
(33:35) When is the Right Time to Reach out to VCs?

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